Ambling Around covers all things art and animation from a creative perspective. Prying, spying, and eavesdropping on a wide variety of subjects, this post seeks to be at the very least informative, opinionated, and meddlesome.

Topics run the gamut from current exhibitions and new films, through software reviews and feature interviews.

Posts in order of most to least current (check my AWN column for the newest posts) include:

Teach Yourself Animation - Sound
Learning to create animation on your own is very doable. This post, one of a series focusing on the tools of the trade, looks at the basics of creating a sound track for your film.

In Conversation with Georges Schwizgebel - Part 3
In this, the third of three articles on the work of Georges Schwizgel, we follow the production of Romance and examine Schwizgebel's unique way of visualizing his animated world.

In Conversation with Georges Schwizgebel - Part 2
In this, the second of a three part series on the work of Georges Schwizgebel, we look at his pre-production process.

Christmas Presents For the Newbie Animator
Finding the perfect gift for the newbie animator.

In Conversation with Georges Schwizgebel - Part 1
Georges Schwizgebel’s films are swirling journeys through space and time. The first of a three part series, this article looks at the inspiration behind his films.

!Women Art Revolution - A Valuable Educational Resource
Both the documentary !Women Art Revolution and the associated booklet should have pride of place in libraries that collect resources on American art history.

Teach Yourself Animation - 2D Tools Part 1
Learning 2D animation on your own is very doable. This first of a four part series on the tools of the trade looks at mark making in a digital world.

Tricky Women: Women In Animation
A compilation of essays on women in animation, Tricky Women: Women In Animation is a very welcome addition to current critical writing on the subject.

Teach Yourself Animation - The Art of Timing
How do I learn animation? For those with a school nearby and some time on their hands, it’s no problem. But for those with limited options, here are some resources to help teach yourself animation. This first post on the subject covers the art of timing.

Day One of Ottawa 2011
The opening night screening was packed with goodies.

Ottawa International Animation Festival 2011
It’s time for the Ottawa International Animation Festival 2011.

Li Songsong in New York
Chinese artist Li Songsong is showing new paintings at The Pace Gallery in New York until August 5, 2011.

William Kentridge - 5 Themes
A grand show of early animation and current work by South African artist William Kentridge.

The Lyrical Lines of Tsvika Oren
Tsvika Oren has been deeply involved in animation for the better part of 30 years - creating, teaching, writing, judging, jurying…

Women in Art and Animation
A new film and a new book – women in art, women in animation

Ric Viers, The Master of Sound Effects
Ric Viers not only creates vast libraries of sound effects, he also shares his knowledge with anyone who wants to create their own sounds.

Learning Sound Design Online
A professional sound designer offers a series of online webinars on designing sound for film. 

Warfare As Gaming, Gaming As Warfare
Josh Bricker’s video “Post Newtoniansim” runs real footage warfare (Iraq?) side-by-side with gaming warfare. But the viewer’s response is the real subject of this film.

When Art Lives With Dancing Cats
jb: Are you suggesting that "art" cannot be appreciated as such by the masses that flock to YouYube to get their fix of dancing cats? 

But Is It Art?
Two billion videos are viewed every day on YouTube (YouTube fact sheet). Twenty-four hours of video are uploaded every minute.

Is any of it art? And does it matter?

Steven Woloshen: At the Heart of Experimental Animation
Steven Woloshen creates animation in cars, at work, in airports, on planes… in other words wherever and whenever he has ten consecutive minutes to play. 

Caroline Leaf: A Serious Game
This October, at the Ottawa International Animation Festival, I finally had an opportunity to meet Caroline Leaf in person. Her films were among the first animated shorts I fell in love with when I discovered animation. The Street andThe Owl Who Married A Goose, to name just two of her many films, are among my favourites even to this day.

Several years ago I’d heard that she had moved on from filmmaking and was now painting. I was curious to know what was behind the shift, and even more curious to see her current work. 

YouTube Play - Where Popular Culture Meets Art
A close encounter with the next five of twenty-five YouTube Play award winners, films beginning with L through N.

Framed: Drawings In Motion
The Drawing Center (New York) in collaboration with Smart Spaces, the not-for-profit art space that uses vacant store fronts as their roaming venue, is presenting a show of animated shorts called Framed: Drawings In Motion.

Animation's Star Is Rising In the Art World
They're calling it a "paradigm shift in contemporary art", "a new sensibility in the art of our time". Galleries and their curators are starting to notice animation. It's been a long time coming.

Presenting Five More YouTube Play Winners
So you wanna watch movies, eh? (Is my Canadian accent showing?) Well, pull up your potato chips and have a sit down...

What Does Cave Art Have To Do With Animation
Could the paleolithic men and women who created these rock wall paintings have been the prehistoric ancestors of current animation artists?

Soundwalkers - A Must Watch
To say that Soundwalkers, a fascinating film by director and sound researcher Raquel Castro, sensitives us to the soundscape of our modern world is to minimize its achievement. 

YouTube Play - The Winning Entries Part 1
There's at least some form of animation in all the YouTube Play winning entries. Which tells me that animation's star is rising in the art world.

YouTube Play - Presenting The Jury
The YouTube Play jury list is out and there are some stellar people on it. Who are they? Well, for one thing they're all hard driving experimental artists.

YouTube Play: Corralling Wild Cattle
Since 2005 YouTube has given us a prime venue for quick and dirty moving images. And now the powers that be in the art world are trying to grade that production.

The result is the first YouTube-Guggenehim joint exhibition, YouTube Play, an effort to pick the best of the 2 billion videos being screened daily on YouTube.

Who selected and juried the 23,358 submissions?


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